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With the new National Heavy Vehicle Regulations currently impacting every organisation in Australia, it’s important for your company is “taking every reasonable measure” to be compliant across all aspects of your operations.

CoR Australia is a leading national Training, Compliance and Audit Preparation group delivering customised CoR compliance systems to Australia’s largest and smallest firms through our suite of integrated services – CoR Training, CoR Compliance and CoR Audit Preparation.

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Under the HVNL, government departments, private companies, and Contractors may be a party to CoR provisions.  The CoR provisions impose liability for heavy vehicle offences on all people or businesses whose actions, inactions or demands influence conduct on the road as well as on-road parties such as drivers and operators.

The CoR provisions are designed to ensure that any party in a position to control, influence or encourage particular on-road behaviours is identified and held appropriately accountable. In simple terms CoR recognises the on-road effects of the actions, inactions and demands of off-road parties in the transport and supply chain.

Specified parties in the CoR perform particular activities that influence road transport operations and have a direct impact on the safety of drivers and the general public. These parties must be appropriately accountable for the influence and control they exercise.  To comply with the HVNL law, government departments, private companies, and Contractors must ensure that they can demonstrate reasonable steps are taken to prevent a breach from occurring in the workplace or as a result of its activities.  To meet the requirements for the National Heavy Vehicle Law you must have the following items in place.

  1. Chain of Responsibility Management Plan
  2. Twelve Months Forward Works Plan (High, Medium and Low Risks Identification)
  3. Twelve Months Forward Training Plan covering COR, Fatigue, Load Restraint, Dangerous Goods, Maintenance)

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COR Audits and Gap Analysis

CoR Australia provides a full service model of delivery, assessment and strategic alignment across the CoR Laws, NHVL requirements, Schemes and ALC Master Codes of Practice.

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CoR Australia make it easy for you to stay up-to-date and access expert advice and resources with our new “CoR Compliance Services” portal subscription.

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CoR Australia provides a comprehensive education package includes nationally recognised training released by the Transport Logistics and Industry Skills Council.

We’ve Been Managing Safety for Industry for more than 30 Years

Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation extends the general liability for offences to road freight consignors, receivers, packers and loaders. Rather than pursue the ‘soft target’ on the roadside, truck drivers and operators, authorities can investigate along the supply chain and up and down the corporate chain of command. The days of ‘all care and no responsibility’ are over.

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CoR Australia is a leading national Training, Compliance and Audit Preparation group delivering customised CoR compliance systems to Australia’s largest and smallest firms through our suite of integrated services – CoR Training, CoR Compliance and CoR Audit Preparation.

What are the First Steps I should take?
Firstly ALL Companies require a COR management Plan. This means you need to have an ISO Accredited Logistics Auditor trained by Auditor Training Global ( to complete your review.
Firslty, what does an Audit / Gap analysis do?
An Audit / Gap Analysis produces the information required to create your Chain of Responsibility (COR) Management Plan for your organisation.
Secondly your Gap Analysis also produces a 12 Months Forward Works Plan
A 12 month Forward Works Plan covers High, Medium and Low Risk activities in your business that you will need to address as part of your COR Management Plan.
Thirdly your Gap analysis produces a 12 Months Master Training Plan
The Gap Analysis identifies who needs to be trained and produces a comprehensive 12 month Forward Training Plan which identifies which areas require COR, Fatigue and Load / Unload Training at all levels across your business.
What's left after your COR Plan and Reports are tabled?
Once these plans are in place you must implement the COR Policy, Procedure and Tool Kit which connects it all as a COR Safety Management System required by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator NHVR.
Maintaining your COR Plan
Each year you need to regularly test the policies, procedures and tools are being followed and are working effectively just like your WHS plan.

Client Testimonials

“We originally decided to engage COR Australia to help us create a chain of responsibility training framework when we decided that our existing solution was not meeting our high standards. After doing some research into the subject of CoR and existing training providers and instructional designers, we chose COR Australia, not only because their existing CoR framework encompassed so much more than just training but also because of their proven ability in the field of instructional design”


National Investigations Manager, Coca-Cola Amatil

“COR Australia has worked extensively with Coles to provide their Audit, Compliance and Training needs around a range of Safety areas reviewing their whole-of-business risks which are beyond the boundaries of any one unit or project due to their magnitude and/or impact on service delivery, and which call for a response across units, contractors and their sub-contractors, that requires a co-ordinated approach by a central unit or by a lead unit.”

Bobby Gill

National Transport Safety and Excellence Manager - Logistics, COLES

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